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We will use our global artificial lift expertise to help determine the best strategy to accomplish your business goals and objectives.  All projects are kept strictly confidential. We will provide a fast, efficient response, whenever and wherever you require it.

Global Expertise

Oil Production is a Worldwide Business that requires Worldwide Knowledge

We have vast global experience working inside different cultures, languages and operating practices
  • Successfully applying artificial lift systems in virtually all of the world’s major conventional and unconventional producing areas with the broad spectrum from Heavy Oil and bitumen through to dewatering gas fields, both onshore and offshore.
  • Proven ability to achieve results inside diverse global methodologies and operating practices, both Culturally and Technically
  • Effectively communicate technically difficult topics across a wide functional range from field operations staff to executive-level management

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More than Advice

In October of 2004 Licoka was formed to leverage our understanding of the challenges faced in the oil and gas artificial lift sector.

We bring over 35 years of involvement in technology development, applications engineering, field operations and executive leadership in the artificial lift industry, with an emphasis on progressing cavity pump and continuous coiled sucker rod technologies.

With our significant product knowledge, the goal was and always will be to deliver solutions that best serve the needs of our customers.

Licoka is the best in the business when it comes to reputation and passionate about guiding with expertise and knowledge.

As an independent third party, we are committed to ultimate customer satisfaction. With no product line to sell, we are providing genuine professional advice.

Oil & Gas producers

It is all about improving production efficiency and reducing total cost of the operation by optimizing the artificial lift systems

service providers

we can assist you in furthering product developments and strategies.   Review and recommend manufacturing process improvements

Start-ups & Technology developers

Provide design guidance and marketing strategies  to minimize any barriers to enter the artificial lift market.

Mergers & Acquistions

With exposure to a wide breadth of Artificial Lift technology we support
the process of logical business decisions and assist with due diligence

less is more

Get more oil with a lower cost per barrel and increased mean time before failures

Less downtime, fewer failures, lower costs always equals more production, more oil and money in the bank!

It is well known that the era of easy oil has past, so now more than ever is the time to get expert advise on optimizing Artificial Lift practices.

Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems will always be the most efficient artificial lift method and continuous coiled sucker rod eliminates over 75% of all rod related well interventions.

The question is why would you not want to implement these historically proven facts and utilize them to enhance the performance of your operation?

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